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How do I buy EZCoin on
Follow this step-by-step guide to get your EZCoin!

  1. You will need USDT (US Dollar Tether).
    You can buy this on Coinbase or Robinhood
  2. Setup a account.
  3. Fund your USDT wallet.
    Send your USDT from Coinbase to Dex-Trade
  4. Navigate to the EZC/USDT trading pair.
  5. Click the “Market” tab and enter how many coins to buy.
  6. Click “Buy EZC”
    You’re Done! You’ve successfully bought EZCoin.
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What is EZCoin?

EZCoin (with a market ticker of EZC) is a cryptocurrency project that utilizes the Scrypt, Proof of Work (PoW), and Proof of Stake (PoS) protocol methods for coin extraction and overall compounding in the digital wallet. These protocol methods not only allow for individuals with little working experience of digital currencies to get involved, but they also protect the overall network from bad actors who fraudulently wish to game the system and unfairly mint or extract coins.
EZCoin is not the only asset on the blockchain network. Other educational resources are available in the “EZ School” video series to help better the working and applicational knowledge of cryptocurrency enthusiasts that are interested in the project. Many more services are planned for EZC including an in-house game and associated metaverse, as well as an online store that is current being populated with EZCoin merch.
EZCoin launched its main net on (12/8/2021) with an absolute eventual total supply of 1B EZC coins, and a pre-mined amount of 100M coins that the team holds. The pre-mined coins will be utilized for ongoing developmental uses such as GUI environments, marketing, and charitable aspects, all of which is all outlined in the whitepaper. The remaining 900M EZC are available to be extracted by miners via the PoW/PoS methods of coin extraction - this includes both hardware mined and compounded “staked” coins.
EZCoin was envisioned by David Gunn from Houston, Texas, USA, alongside a dedicated team of blockchain aficionados. Some of our founding team members are in charge of development, technical support and social media, with differing experience and qualifications.
The EZC community are integral to the coin and help sway it in both a developmental and ongoing overall aspect. They are an important cornerstone of the project. The team and community interact via the social media channels and all team members are available for support if needed. 
EZC coins are currently traded on the platform, and more exchanges are planned for the future.

Why EZCoin?

EZCoin is a community-driven platform that promotes global financial wellbeing by empowering people to be in control of their money and create their wealth opportunities. EZCoin looks to continue that trend with a coin that appeals to the blockchain community with a long-term vision to create wealth among the financially underserved and unbanked. EZCoin is a coin for both novice and experienced crypto enthusiasts.

It was nearly impossible to ignore the exponential growth and excitement among community-driven projects such as EZCoin. With solid tokenomics, strong fundamentals, and partnerships with reputable businesses, EZCoin has received outstanding community support and has flourished faster than most coins in a shorter period of time. Encompassing a quickly evolving market environment, the development team strongly encourages community involvement.

As the milestones listed on our road map are obtained, full transparency will be provided with real-time updates via social media outlets, blogs, etc. EZCoin provides content that teaches everyone how digital money works, opening opportunities for wealth creation. Our goal is to foster human connection through financial literacy, filling this gap in the crypto and financial market and preparing the next generation of investors.

Why EZCoin, you ask? Because EZCoin is honest, stable, and secure. And most of all, it’s EZ! EZCoin, the EZ choice!

✓ Legal Papers
✓ Blockchain
✓ Core Wallet
✓ Website and Servers
✓ Introduce Social Media Channels
✓ Release Block Explorer
✓ Release Mining Pool
✓ Community Begins Mining
✓ Marketing
✓ Develop EZCoin School
✓ ICO Website
✓ ICO Launch Party
✓ Introduce EZCoin to Exchanges
✓ EZCoin Store
✓ EZCoin Web Wallet
✓ EZCoin Android Wallet
o EZCoin Apple Wallet
o EZCoin Games
o EZCoin Foundation for Charity
o NFT Minting Website
o Develop Virtual Meta World
o EZCoin Debit Card
o …and much more!